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Apparently, everyone does need the perfect nude lip because Jaclyn Hill's So Rich lipsticks are nearly completely sold out. The problems ranged from a simply melted and expired lipstick, to finding hair, fungus, and sharp pieces plastic in the product. "6/21/19 10:05pm CDT 72 hour microbial check. Jaclyn Hill | Jaclyn Hill/YouTube “Because my brand has been pushed back so many times, I actually already went through the same situation with a different lab several years ago. She states that her brand has been a long time in the works, with her first lab … Stell did not name the lab in question. Jaclyn Hill's hairy lipstick had fans demanding refunds and an apology. Jaclyn has since responded to the lipstick drama. While the line was hotly anticipated, Hill's makeup launch quickly And in 2019, Hill answered fan demand by releasing her own cosmetics line. With nearly 6 million subscribers on her beauty-focused YouTube channel, it made sense that Jaclyn Hill would want to sell makeup products of her own. I really feel like the lab did Jaclyn dirty." Read more: Jaclyn Hill deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts following backlash against her disastrous lipstick launch Hill … What people seem to forget is that Jaclyn did not manufacture these lipsticks herself so the issues being seen are on the lab. Jaclyn Hill Lipstick Controversy What's Really Going on With Jaclyn Hill's Lipsticks? That being said, Jaclyn is the owner of this company so what she should have done is immediately and Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics goes on to say that it's taking time to "rebuild" and the note closes with a possible hint that more cosmetics could be coming. Preliminary positive yeast/mold results on … YouTuber Jaclyn Hill has responded to the multiple allegations against her brand Jaclyn Cosmetics' recently launched lipsticks. Per her findings, mold was allegedly found in the cap of a single Jaclyn Hill lipstick. Jaclyn Hill is obsessed with all things beauty—and over the years, she’s been sharing her obsession for an impeccably blended smoky eye, statement nude lip, and blinding highlight with millions of … The second part was supposed to cover Lab Results and guess I hope you enjoy the face lift I gave it! She ordered 2 lipsticks and one of them was physically contaminated. In the 35-minute video, Hill reveals Jaclyn Cosmetics and its collection of 20 nude lipsticks. I … According to Hill, white lint was transferred to the lipsticks as a result of lab workers frequently changing their gloves throughout the day. Our customer service team is ready to help. Jaclyn Hill's beauty mantra is: it's more than just makeup. 1 year ago Following the backlash from her lipstick line, beauty mogul Jaclyn Hill took a nearly two-month-long hiatus from YouTube and social media. In a brand new YouTube video, Jaclyn Hill addressed customer concern regarding her lipstick, and assured consumers that her products are safe … As we await the results from the independent lab tests, maybe don’t use your lipsticks just yet. Jaclyn Hill Breaks Silence on Lipstick Controversy, Says They're Not Moldy or Contaminated this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Per the lab documents provided on the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics website, it appears that Morphe ordered the lab testing results on Jaclyn Hill's behalf. Head Beauty news beauty YouTube make up Jaclyn Hill Jaclyn Hill is claiming that the hair is from lab … Jaclyn Hill's makeup line is officially receiving product names, and Becca's Champagne Pop creator may have even showcased a potential lipstick shade to her Twitter followers. Jaclyn Hill Courtesy Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics It’s official! However, once Hill opens the LED-lit Jaclyn Cosmetics PR box, it’s literally like the heavens just opened while 20 shades of her lipstick collection lie in the encasing. June 16 , 2019 by Kirbie Johnson 16 Shares Image Source: Jaclyn… Jaclyn Hill is one of the most influential beauty vloggers on YouTube today. The loss was clearly theirs as Hill is now launching her brand to tons of internet fanfare. Find contact information for Jaclyn Cosmetics here. After apologizing to fans who received products that were "anything less than perfect," the brunette beauty alleged that the problems stem from the manufacturer. Wow it has been a long time since I have sat down and written anything on this blog. Jaclyn Cosmetics has returned to YouTube since refunding customers who'd purchased her Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick. Jaclyn Hill has been drowning in a wave of customer complaints and damage control since the launch of her So Rich Lipstick Collection.After fans noticed strange hairs, dents, bubbles, and … Following Kristi's video, Jaclyn took to Twitter to address the issues and claimed that the strange fibres were from "white gloves" worn by the quality control team checking each lipstick. Watch the video for yourself below. Jaclyn Hill is addressing the drama of her first lipstick launch, and this time, not in deleted tweets, but on her YouTube channel. Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipstick Review Sunday, June 9, 2019 Hello! Beauty influencer and vlogger Jaclyn Hill posted her first YouTube video in over a month, following the controversy surrounding the quality of her makeup brand's first lipstick launch. Jaclyn Hill | Jaclyn Hill/YouTube “Because my brand has been pushed back so many times, I actually already went through the same situation with a different lab several years ago. And she created Jaclyn Cosmetics for every boss babe out there who loves makeup just as much as she does. "I just put in my order for 300,000 lipstick tubes so I finally feel like we are making progress (after 18 months of work) and I would love to here what you have in mind for shipping, customer service, etc." Therefore, she sent her Jaclyn Hill lipsticks as well as few other lipsticks for microbial testing. In a leaked email between Jaclyn Hill and Makeup Geek, Jaclyn tells the folks at MUG, on August 19, 2015, that she ordered 300,000 lipstick tubes. Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill addressed the controversy behind her new lipstick line and admitted she 'messed up', days after fans claimed the product … "Because my lipstick component is a silver, shiny, almost metal-like material, my lab — instead of using a standard glove that they'd use in the lab — they decided to use white cotton gloves." Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is being slammed on social media by dozens of fans who claim that lipstick from her makeup line arrived damaged or broke within one or … The lab in question never returned her calls after she explained her vision for her future brand.

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