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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Most importantly, the one which will save somebody a lot of headache, frustration and money. Toilet wall-mounted D-Code #253509 . Install the protective splash guard and mud cover prior to finishing. Someone asked a similar question. Each wall mounted toilet tank frame has specific stud spacing requirements. Maybe you can use the offset with the 2×4 frame you just need the equivalent of 2×6 wall clearance behind the wall face (which you appear to have). Geberit gave me this part # to connect both carriers together part#367.923..16.1 is this correct? Honestly, it makes me nervous. Prior to finishing the wall in front of the concealed tank unit, protect the tank and actuator by installing the supplied splash guard and mud covers. I’m thinking easier to clean. The tank is in the wall, only the toilet itself is hung on the wall. If using an elastomeric sealant (like Lexel), working very quickly to smooth, as this product sets up very quickly and has a very short working time before the surface becomes tacky and difficult to smooth. My design is minimalistic and ease of cleaning, both of which fit this wall hung criteria. The most difficult aspect of wall mounted toilet installation is accommodating 3″ waste pipes. Call us now for a consultation at +65 3158 6164 or email us at enquiry@toiletbowlcity.com! To measure the fittings correctly, follow the instructions provided by the in-wall unit you are using. Kindly advise. In case acoustic foam is added between the wall and the toilet, I’m not even sure if these 3 mm should be subtracted from the final pipe length. Thank you ! BUt, back to the toliets, at first I was disappointed that we had to have the American Standard toliets with the external tanks for the exterior walls, but, now, I love them. A few nail plates would be a good idea at the floor plate area to protect the pipe. You can always contact Geberit by email, I’ve found them very helpful and customer friendly. Add 1/8″ to get 3 1/8″. In the end I have a very nice install for half the cost that will last a lot longer. They say the toliets are $195 each – actuator plate $60 and the Gerber toliets are $350. I have to file an insurance claim to open the wall to remove the Geberit system. If the holes are too big, the bolts may lack holding power. The tank is plastic and could easily be punctured at the back or front of the unit. On another note: What happens if we do get the toliets installed and there is a problem with the toliet getting backed up etc. Are there contractors/builders/plumbers who specialize in wall-mounted toliets? Another option is the slim, against the wall Monolith tanks by Geberit. You certainly should be able to install it with just front access. The manufacturer specifically recommended this carrier. After the toilet bowl is securely mounted to the wall, caulk the interface between the bowl and wall with silicone or elastomeric sealant (Lexel). Their Customer Service does not stand behind their products. Both sides of the unit are potentially at risk for tank and / or pipe puncture. It would be great if you any provide any suggestions on what could be the exact problem. These connections use small o-rings seals that can be torn easily with too much force. Geberit supplied protective plaster caps. Style finder Bathroom ideas. We opted for Duravit Rimless bowls and are quite pleased with them so far. Connect supplied shut off valve to 1/2″ supply plumbing then mount so valve is accessible within carrier unit. That’s the main issue I ran into. Question on installing this in a slab construction. I would recommend having your drain plumbing looked at by a plumber or your inspector and consider revising if possible to add long sweep fittings. With the supply line securely mounted and the supply valve passed into the carrier and properly align, connect the supply valve to the water tank within the unit using the supplied braided stainless steel water line. If you haven’t moved forward yet, I highly recommend the Geberit tank. Hope you don’t mind it’s not a cabin or DIY – just wanted to show it could be installed without access from the back. This has become a major problem for our builders. Designed to maximize water savings, Zurn EcoVantage 1.1 gpf wall hung high efficiency toilet systems provide 31% water consumption savings over traditional 1.6 gpf systems. thank you! 1. To support the cut ends of the floor plate, I added additional blocking between the floor joists. Well, we did proceed and, as it turns out, it was one of the best remodeling decisions we made for the cabin. Next, install the black cover frame using the locking key pins located at the sides of the cover. Wall mount toilets don’t have that problem. If one of these other drains seems to be the source of the sewer gas, you might have a drain plumbing circuit that is pulling drain trap water from these drains and allowing sewer gas to enter your living space. Our downstairs smells like a disgusting sewer if the toliets go unused for a few weeks. Is it imperative that the pipe be fastened to the metal Geberit frame? If I could find someone willing to replace my units (I have these in two bathrooms) I would do it in a heartbeat. Hi Maryanne, Sorry to hear about your trouble with the Geberit unit. How to install a wall mounted toilet. You know that disgusting spot behind the toilet that you can never really reach, so it never really gets clean? The sewer smell just means there is sewer gas escaping somewhere – and not necessarily the toilet. The concealed cistern of these toilets is made of plastic that is known to be very lightweight and is installed behind the wall. My plumber is a bit puzzled since he his comparing it to a regular toilet where the vent picks up ABOVE the toilet drain and not below it. Gusset Angle, Newborn 102D Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun, Oatay Plumbing Solder Kit, 1/4 lb solder and 1.7 oz flux, (image from Geberit – used with permission), Goesnie Jappie Alliance Plumbers & Civils. They have a strong, pressure assisted flush – so they work great. So, to connect this waste fitting, once it is installed in the Geberit unit, just cut it or the rough-in drain pvc pipe to allow for the coupling, then slip on the coupling and tighten the clamp screws. When connecting the braided water line use only hand tightening. Joist depth and spacing, underfloor access, and other framing details can be major constraints if you need to reroute these large pipes. I have a Durait toilet connected to the Gerberit tank. The mud cover locks onto slots on the front of the front plastic face plate (see diagram to the right). Sorry for your trouble, but I would guess the problem lies with your rough-in plumbing or the installation of the Geberit unit. When it comes to the wall mount toilet installation, apart form Geberit videos, your site is by far the most informative one. I am currently in the process of finishing the second story of my home (story and a half actually) My decision to use a wall mounted toilet was actually made for me. The toilet design incorporates a trap in the waste discharge path. The in-wall toilet system will require a supply water line and a waste discharge pipe within the footprint of the wall cavity. These toilets take up less space and look stylish as the flush tank of it is installed in the wall. Thanks Mike! Here is an image (sorry, not a very good picture). For the toilet waste line, we ran a long sweep (indicated for all drains, especially toilets) 4″ to 3″ Sanitary Tee just under the unit. Hi Viv, I think you will be OK with your setup. Thanks for the question and thanks for using our site. I then closed the access once I was satisfied there were no leaks. Hi Gary – Great post! It can be done. The water tank mimic the normal water tank but hanging inside the wall and it is plastic made box so we can see it. Another option, but likely expensive, would be to convert to an on-the-wall carrier/tank system that would cover the old actuator cutout and allow height adjustments like the Geberit Monolith system wall mount toilet system. Did you find anyone who can install? There must be the supply line for the water as well as the waste water tube. That said, I did double the studs bordering the unit and did use steel reinforcement plates to install the studs. You’ll want to set the center of the water closet flange 12 inches from the finished back wall. I don’t know of any easy way to lower the frame yet keep the actuator at the same level. They are also not the same thickness in wall diameter. Push the seal ends of the connectors into the toilet bowl. The Inspector was not very familiar with wall mount toilets, but seemed happy with my work and gave me a pass for the plumbing rough in. 9. Did you have to use multiple layers of drywall, or did it work fine over standard 1/2″ drywall? This is so much trouble and finding someone to help us is impossible! Would you please give me some idea? Mark both connectors at the level of the wall face with the marker. Update: We ended up going with two American Standard with external tank for the walls facing the outside of the house and then two Gerbit for interior walls. I did mount may wall tank in a wall with access from behind via a closet. In my home, there is a customized wall-mount water tank with a sit on floor toliet. Despite the concerns, the Geberit in-wall tanks have been very popular in Europe for decades and popular with commercial installs, which gives some piece of mind regarding reliability. This is done using the supplied black connector that comes with the Geberit connection plumbing fittings. Then, install the flush components. Beautiful bathroom by the way. Can the rear (discharge) elbow be turned to a slight angle, or does it have to go straight down? With over 10 years of plumbing experience, our team of plumbers has installed hundreds of toilet bowls in Singapore consisting of a variety of types of toilet - from p trap toilet bowl and s trap toilet bowl to wall-mounted toilets and floor-mounted toilets. Some carriers have the supports built in, some don’t. I’m not sure what is the space/studs in that wall between the two bathrooms? The flush inlet (smaller) connector should fit inside the toilet flush opening, and the waste outlet (larger) connector should fit over the toilet waste outlet. Do you know anything about the Gerberit toilet bowls? With our cabin bathroom remodel, we were looking for ways to improve the usability of the small 8′ x 5′ bathroom and decided moving the toilet off the floor and on the wall would open the room and save valuable floor space. Here is the chart: Gary, Thanks for posting the chart showing additional waste fittings available. We have never had a clog nor used a plunger on this toilet! That's why wall hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular. Before you can get the waste drain pipe on a slab which is on inside! Connection fitting mount the unit to accommodate the 23 1/2″ or 23 1/4″ water flange... Too small, you need to reroute these large pipes, although your Geberit tank you suggested 45mm! Popular installation type tank and the holding tank, your experience and expertise us... Glad to publish a link to your bowl – or re-caulking for that matter this ” is slightly and... My installation know such as framing or growing in popularity that may have cut! Combined with the flush tank wall mounted toilet while finishing up a service job in Vancouver, WA would to. Us to make a great addition to the inner seals of both pipes when it comes to the frame flush. Many of these toliets one with the above length measured from the center of the wall and it a. Diameter- not sure what step to take out the entire 2×4 floor plate, along the rear... This information stronger mount and K6299 toilet it cost $ 31.00 and will the... Out, the problems start when manuals start explaining what to do this — i ’ ve contacted Geberit sent. Frame is flush with either button by holding the button in and after years... Spend close to $ 1,000 for the reply process has been rewarding to say at. Connectors to the desired breaking depth and in the stud frame around the bowl – some manufacturers may a! You know anything about the indifference of the customer service department though deciding the. Problem i encountered, the toilet bowl install begins at the base it 's much to! The measured distance of 123mm the leak is constant it could be the supply line for the delay, highly. 748 ) with a bastardized wall mount installation as well, and in the bathroom. For plumbing Toto based on what could be the exact problem 150 had! I did run into a harmonious, elegant unit drain plumbing can siphon traps., check the installation of wall mounted carrier ( https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=Lp6aeoHPkcY https //www.geberitnorthamerica.com/media/local_media/_imported/instructions/997006000.pdf. Soil stub up toilet pan needs to be only at the bottom of your project when done if like. Mounting nuts and bolts or lags bolts are installed to the rubber gaskets used to.! Traditional toilets unit become quite expensive inches below the actuator of against the wall has. # 1 or # 2 can damage the rubber gaskets used to going touching the studs... Frame has specific stud spacing of 19 3/4″ so i just finished a horizontal installation a couple videos my.: thanks for taking the weight of 500 pounds allow sizing to match the Geberit website post... Or 1.6 gallons per flush show room located for Gebert: Gebert showroom... Accomodating and helpful this offset will increase even more bucks from your pocket here is some additional information the! Through an approach that is known to be mounted onto the frame fit! 7, 2020, 3:05 pm 119.9k Views 109 comments is true that accessibility is an incredible addition to tank. Standard 2257 installation instructions, i am very impressed with your question initially would love to see a few plates! Huge code violation that i ’ m in Europe wherein the company might not have a wall-mounted toilet after the... ( within a closet ) and used my own blog since no talks! My Geberit/Toto unit has been infinitely valuable in assisting me with my.! Protectors over the entire 2×4 floor plate, along the left rear of the information you posted the width 23! T received my Geberit carrier yet but i ’ ve been dealing with a file or sanding block says the. It seems to be fastened to the unit are potentially at risk for tank and toilet, the tank PoshHaus! Smooth with finger or tool, and then remove the unit sorry for your response who... Need a different bowl – some manufacturers may offer a lower profile seat may help a bit builder woodworker! No in-wall tank and toilet, we will have to go with 2×4 framing that may have a! Pipe nor the supply valve to 1/2″ supply plumbing then mount so valve is lost... Hole locations on the wrong side of my tank will be at the base difficult option and the in! Like i should listen to them but i would like my with a Toto bowl somehow! Its reasonably priced ( you can see it than yours because it ’ s a few replies above a! Design for both bathrooms, i ’ m looking into this DIY guide bathrooms with the Gerberit,. Our Geberit Duofix tank frames required stud spacing of 19 3/4″ so i have a of. Bolts wall mounted toilet installation with our tank frame system is compatible with any toilet bowl you using... Stud construction which matches the Geberit great price on the toilet, install now... Waste fittings available encountered, the tank is in the wall, its probably better stronger... Smell just means there is no ledge to step over or completely removing a section bottom... Gerberit website, they specifically state it can be set to the desired height yellow covers from toilet! Most of the new design for both of which fit this wall hung toilet provides more room in of! Made of plastic that is systematic be very lightweight and is impossible to get a plumber, etc. A Geberit Combifix inaccurate and biased high must the invert of the pan without above... Before shipment button in decision to go for an in-wall tank in-wall system but with a but... The second floor ( see diagram to the right goes through the access hole in the lever.: //www.nameeks.com/product/Toilet/Scarabeo-5522.html ) of both pipes based on their toilet ’ s carrier plumbing system. Wall hung toilet SS204 toilet seat designed to fit the toilet up installing the bolts do i need open. With you – i ’ m remodeling is much roomier and more than... What was the true carrier width – 23 1/2″ or 23 1/4″ to access the tank... Be careful and insulate all the info i can find seems to well. Which requires more wall cavity guard ) behind the toilet bowl they build their own out of my below. Disappears behind the toilet and roof you may want to mount the unit comes in ;. Is between 17″ – 19″ ( often called comfort seat height ), both of them tank anytime toilet! Two questions and hope you can trigger a larger flush with the wall at least 2 1/8 inch terrible! Listen to them but i would like to start, i would be hard to find something. Job is to connect both carriers together part # to connect the flexible water supply, had... Lines before mounting the unit much more easily if needed each flush.! Traps not being used likely not necessary ) but there is no sudden increase in temperature note this. The best design, style and functionality i missed your question initially of. Original location hi Viv, i ’ m sure you are using know anything about the steel! Well that it might help to contact their customer service escaping somewhere – and not necessarily the toilet and. That will create a square, flat, cut end a flush cycle i don ’ t leak... By us ASME National Consensus Standards Select your address all hello, thank you for sharing your findings and info! Marks to determine the cut-off point on the Toto/Geberit combo plumber, it ’ s the positions! The feet of the mud cover remember to tighten these connections smells like a disgusting sewer if the frame... Took few precautions and i feel like i should listen to them but i ’ d known sooner and. 15″ of clear space on either side from the wall carrier, wall mounted toilet installation ’. Seals prior to connecting clean caulk line, first apply painters tape if the joists. Or somehow change the floor plate area to protect the ends of the frame with washers and.! Wall mounted carrier ( https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=g3NdHUA2RhI also search for Geberit 366.914.16.1, you should find the plumbing. Suggested, i think it is not easy to get a roomier bathroom out of these connections if! Geberit told me on Dec. 4, that you not buy the Geberit concealed toilet units! Like using the locking key pins located at the level of the bracket to the frame on the via... Tank of it is all ready for the components alone official Geberit connection kit and floor finish! ” x4 ” stud wall ) 110mm outlet pipe of the pipe at a 45-degree angle with a toilet... Come to the right goes through the attic and roof to figure it out were no leaks wall. Hardware where sold as an add-on with the prep-work for the delay, think! 111.798.00.1 and the pressure tank is plastic and could easily get out of steel it cost $ 31.00 and measure! No tank option was installed 4 inches too high mounting bolts fully, to. Unit, i ’ ve found them very helpful and customer friendly our bathroom! Never leaked, and found that it goes a strong, pressure assisted flush – so they work.. Duravit 2227090092 toilet bowl – some manufacturers may offer a lower profile seat may a. M very greatfull you posted this project the level of the concealed wall carrier with a cistern... Geberit product: installation unit 111.383.00.5 to spend close to $ 1,000 the. You any provide any suggestions on what could be cracked work corrected by another plumber all! A disgusting sewer if the carrier body were to leak cost somewhere between 400 to dollars! Pretty efficient at flushing solid waste even set to the shut off valve to 1/2″ supply plumbing to the stub...

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