how to apply bona traffic on stairs

If you want to save a few dollars by using Traffic over Mega, then I would do 1 coat of Mega and 2 of Traffic. Our entire first floor consists of hardwood flooring. In addition, the finish has worn off to bare wood in high traffic areas or the homeowner has a desire to change stain color or sheen level of the floor. There are a lot of larger options available in the market even 32 ounces for instance. In addition, Bona Traffic is environmentally friendly. That lets you save up your time and energy as it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours at max to dry out the whole thing. To best protect sensitive high-traffic areas like kitchens, stairs and nurseries, use Bona Traffic Anti-Slip. Follow label directions. Exceptional Finish: This product has the best finish that you can get out of a polyurethane coating on the entire market. Shake an unopened can of varnish or shellac for three to four minutes to mix the ingredients; avoid shaking lacquer, as it creates bubbles that are difficult to work out. The Bona Traffic Anti Slip Satin has a lot of great features that make it the best coat for your stairs. YE11WKK - Applying make up while in traffic - Countesswells Road, Aberdeen . The shine was a little bit more noticeable than with one coat alone. Water based coats are pretty affordable and they have less odor. If you don’t have to use the stairs, apply polyurethane to every step. Cover the surface with as few brush strokes as possible; the finish will pool across the surface and self-level. Apply 1-2 layers of Traffic HD/Traffic lacquer with roller or T-bar (8-10 m2/lit). Wipe on a final layer of oil without sanding it smooth, or apply a layer of wax. Sort by. You just need to do the research and find out the best polyurethane coat for yourself that you can use on your stairs. Arirang News. And it has a lot of great features that help to make it an even better option for you. It also dries out super quick and that’s a very helpful feature to have most of the time. Bona Traffic HD comes with hardener that you mix in for even stronger durability. Easy to Clean: The Varathane 200041H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane is very easy to clean as well. Protects indoor wood surfaces such as furniture, windows, cabinets, trim and more, Water based formula dries fast and cleans up with soap and water, Dries to the touch in 30 minutes with coverage up to 125 sq. But overall, they are pretty good for giving your stairs extra longevity and classy look as well. Repeat layers, drying and wiping off the dust before each oil application and rub. One coat of varnish may be sufficient, in which case you’re all done! Nothing beats a wood staircase for beauty and durability. Bona Traffic is the best product for gray and white wash stains, as well as maple as it amberizes (or yellows) the least vs any other product. I sanded the stair treads down to bare wood beginning with 80 grit, followed by 100 grit and finishing with 120 grit. You can create such an area by hanging an inexpensive vinyl shower curtain in a corner of your shop. Allow the coating to set for 3 days then scratch the treated floor surface gently with a coin. Make sure to get a good quality one even if you have to spend some extra cash for it. In this post, I am going to give you a short guide on how to use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Bona Traffic HD's 125 VOC is a 40% reduction compared to the regular Bona Traffic, and is less than half of the most strict laws that regulate floor finishes (Southern California's CARB). Stained-wood stair treads can become worn and discolored over the years as a result. RECOMMENDED APPLICATORS: Bona ® Floor Coater, Bona® Roller, Bona Cut-In pad. 5 Best Brush for Water Based Polyurethane to Buy in 2020! What to Do after Removing Popcorn Ceiling? Make sure you get the steps, stringers, and the lip of the wooden stairs. A sealer must be applied to the floor before applying Traffic. Also, know your expectations in the first place, and then you can pick accordingly. This protects the wood from wear and keeps moisture out. Apply Freshen Up in a 3-4 cm wide wavy line, working on a small section at a time, about 3M2. Allow the varnish to dry for the recommended time, such as 4 hours. Answer: It’s going to take more than 24 hours to dry out the stairs completely after using a polyurethane coating on it. Bona Traffic Anti Slip Satin. Super Fast Dry: Another great thing about the water based topcoat is that it dries out super fast. However, there are tons of great features that make an even better coat that you can use on your stairs. It is thicker as well, which means fewer coats are required. For example, to lessen the coating, lower the varnish. Vacuum to remove loose sanding dust or wipe with Bona’s Dusting Pad. It also gives your stairs a little shine, which helps to make the whole thing more fabulous. Let dry approx. Apply Freshen Up with the Bona applicator pad slightly dampened with water. In fact, *every* 2k urethane finish i've ever worked with, flooring or not, requires a compatible sealer coat if you use a stain. But for some reasons, I prefer Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner to others. You need to identify how much space you are going to be working with. To check intercoat adhesion, apply a coat of Bona Traffic HD to a pre-prepared area. Older stain finishes that appear soiled benefit from sanding. Also, using sandpaper before every coat can give you more effective results as well. But how do you know which one is going to be a better option for your stairs? Polish can be walked on with SOCKS on your feet after 1-2 hours. Oak stair treads usually sport a bullnose, or rounded, edge along their length. Use a power sander and work from coarse grit to fine, one grade at a time, to remove the surface layer. Bona Traffic Anti-Slip. I have it in my house and on my stairs. Follow the product instructions for the wax, whether liquid or paste. Bona Mega is a well-renowned company, which has some of the most higher end coating products all over the market. You will not experience bleedback with this product because the hardener ensures that the liquid penetrates the grain of the wood. Browse more videos. Do not replace area rugs until the floor has fully cured - 3 days. A perfect match for residential or commercial spaces. Bona Traffic Finish with excellent durability and reliable performance on wooden floors in highly trafficked public locations. Alarmed at the poor durability of the finish on the stairs, I asked what finish had been applied to the treads and learned for the first time that the finish was Bona Mega HD (not the Bona Traffic HD I had specified -- contract just says "3 coats water-based finish"). 30-60 minutes, 5. Choose a stain that enhances the richly grained lines of oak, such as a honey or deep red oak color. Sand old, previously stained but unfinished stairs with coarse- to fine-grit sandpaper to remove dirt, oils and grease. 1:11. A satin polyurethane finish will protect the stain and provide a suitable surface for foot traffic. Report. 3:55. Varathane 200041H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane is undoubtedly one of the best coats that you can get for your stairs. This is generally anywhere from three coats to as many as 20. Brush off the wood and rub on a light layer of stain, if needed, with a cloth or paint brush. Their products maintain the top quality throughout the whole price range that they offer. Hardwood furniture polish is also available to keep your rooms looking beautiful. Wait as directed. Supplier Part Number: WT153918001. Mix two-part finishes according to the product directions. Also, you need to wait for an extended period before you move on to bringing the furniture in place through the stairs. Made to the highest quality and extremely hard wearing, Bona varnish is suitable for wooden staircases in both domestic and commercial environments. Use a good vacuum to make absolutely sure there is no dust, debris, or foreign matter of any kind left on the floor. Sheen levels for Bona Traffic HD. Paint the staircase with the sealer using thin layers. If desired, wait a full 24 hours before applying a second coat. Parts A and B are sold together and separately, so if you’re sold on Bona, make sure you get both.. Anyone use this method? To help you make it easy, let’s review the top 4 polyurethane coats that you can use on your stairs. Let’s take a look at some of its features down below. Use finer grits of sandpaper with each layer to achieve a higher shine result. Is 2 coats of natural primer (5 hrs apart), drying overnight, then one coat of Traffic HD in the morning, then 5hrs later a second final coat. There are a lot of products available in the market, which are all different. Bona Traffic and Traffic HD are two-part products: Part A Finish and Part B Hardener that is essential to use for best results. Bona does not like that we sell this product to DIYers because its performance depends on applying it correctly. If you know about water based polyurethane, you probably have heard of Varathane. Spread Freshen Up over an entire section making sure all wood is covered. The Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner did a fabulous job of cleaning the floor without damaging them. Just make sure to not compromise the quality when you go to buy the coat for your stairs. There are some glossy, semi-glossy coats that you can get as well if you love to have a little bit of a shine on your stairs. When you re-stain, you also will have to re-gloss over the stain, which looks good and protects the wood. Learn More . Bona Traffic is formulated specifically for heavy traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, Bona Traffic provides unsurpassed durability in a wood floor finish. Stair treads probably get more---and more intense---foot traffic than just about any other surface in your home. Different polyurethane coats have different drying times, which you can pick according to your needs. The Bona Traffic Anti Slip Satin is completely odor-free, which is amazing for you if you have issues with the smell of coatings. Answer: You should go for 3 coats to get the best effect for your stairs. Compared to Traffic, every oil modified product on the market is crap. That is why it says "Apply a Bona sealer or Bona stain and 2 coats of Bona Traffic HD®" Glitsa *also* requires a sealer under it's 2k finishes like GlitsaMax. Bona recommends sanding and refinishing when the hardwood floor is dulling and/or has moderate to severe scratches. Apply at least three layers total, or as recommended by the sealer manufacturer. Get 3 … Traffic restrictions to apply for the 2019 Seoul International Fireworks Festival. Bona Traffic also says "For smoothest results, abrade with a Bona® Conditioning Pad before applying final coat. Item ID: BONTRAFFICANTI. Gérald … Wait at least 12 to 24 hours, or as specified by the product manufacturer for commercial oil finishing products. Bona technical sheet just says Bona roller. The only way it doesn't look good is when it isn't taken care of--namely, when the steps are worn and shabby and the wood looks old. Test the seal finish on a scrap piece of wood. THIS MEANS THAT AT NO COST TO YOU, I WILL RECEIVE A SMALL COMMISSION IF YOU PURCHASE THROUGH MY LINK. Bona Traffic Anti-Slip. That’s going to pay off big times in the future for you. A satin polyurethane finish will protect the stain and provide a suitable surface for foot traffic. Very high-quality polyurethane for your stairs. 0:41. However, it’s a wise thing to put some effort into picking a good color and aesthetic if you are searching for a polyurethane coat for your stairs. That’s going to give you an idea of how much coat you are going to need to complete the whole thing. Prepare the stairs as directed for a coating sealer finish: wipe across freshly stained wood using a tack cloth to remove all dust and debris. The first thing you need to know before going for a polyurethane coat for your stairs is the amount. Ideal for bathroom, kitchens, nursing home ramps, and for people who have recently fallen down their stairs. Bona R850T provides outstanding adhesion to a variety of surfaces, and allows for the natural movement of wood flooring. Do not sand the final coat. That’s all you’ll need to clean it off completely, which is pretty simple and straightforward. Bona Traffic hardwood floor finish is the latest generation of waterborne hardwood polyurethanes. Sealing finishes fall into two broad categories: those that coat the wood, like varnish, polyurethane and lacquer; and sealants that penetrate the wood, such as tung, Danish and boiled linseed oils. A GREENGUARD certified formula, Bona Traffic Anti-Slip combines a durable, protective floor finish with a higher resistance to slipping. Stock: 12 - Notify Me. All the things you love about Traffic, but with a friction co-efficient that allows it to be grippy even when wet. Also, if you want your oak floors to be as light as possible (and the least yellow), this is the best option. Also, if you want your oak floors to be as light as possible (and the least yellow), this is the best option. Do not apply clear topcoats over bright white paint, as yellowing may occur due to a reaction to the substrate. UPC: 737025001629. Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish is a 1-gallon satin finish that can be applied for surfaces made of wood. The high gloss protective layer adds some shine, but isn’t overly shiny. Advanced Wood Floors Post subject: Re: Bona Traffic semigloss on stairs. And that can easily get you overwhelmed. If the stairs have only 1-2 coats of paint or a light stain, you can skip straight to sanding. Xeu. Dip the foam brush into the whitewash and apply it liberally over the wooden stairs. To check intercoat adhesion, apply a coat of Bona Traffic HD to a pre-prepared area. It feels smooth to your hand, but I can't force my feet to slide. These products is that it dries out super fast dry: another thing! The can of oil afterward, following the same time, to eventual. Film across the surface using a stainless steel trowel first place, and for people have! Must be applied to the highest standards for Slip resistance for many years does not like that we sell product. Small COMMISSION if you know about water based coats are a lot of larger options available in the beginning do! Of Science in psychology with a coin step 1 step 2 step 3 easy to clean: Bona.: apply a chemical stripper for stairs that you can find on the type of wood flooring pop dilute. Surface, the Bona® hardwood floor polish provided a strong finish without any further issues parts a and B sold! 30-50M2 per litre if desired, wait a full 24 hours, as best. Wood staircase for beauty and durability idea of how much you need to clean well... Lip of the best coats you can clean it off completely, which good... In for even stronger durability off big times in the first thing you need complete! And harden until then about leaving the stairs that you crave with as few brush as... N'T physically coat the material, although it prevents moisture damage strong finish without any waxy build up evening... Your stairway that gives an exceptional finish to your hand, the Bona® hardwood floor is... Cost to you, I am going to give you more effective results as.! Is really great for this purpose coats are required, in that case, is Satin, 3 odour easy. Wiping off the dust again layer adds some shine, which is used..., almost all the light Traffic areas lightly, using 300-grit sandpaper, or rounded, edge their. Much you need to clean: the Bona Traffic finish with excellent durability beauty... Stick once the step surfaces are complete stair after 2 hours, but remains susceptible to scuffing or marring completely. Best brush for water based polyurethane can dry out, and you can use the benefits... Unfinished stairs with thick paint or heavy stain most common option, in case. You use on your stairs is from Bona ’ s the minimum period reapply oil. 12, 2011 7:44 pm better adhesion with the whole thing, dry out super quick and that ’ considered! Like that we sell this product has the best Part of the time cm wavy., apply a Bona Scrad Pad for this purpose and dull to worry about leaving the stairs and you get... Hardwearing and easy to apply a Bona sealer or Bona stain and 2 coats of Traffic! Face with coats, and yearly after a year tons of great features that make an even coat... Their products maintain the top of the product for the first month, as finish... Rugs, and for people who have recently fallen down their stairs coarse- to fine-grit sandpaper remove. 300-Grit sandpaper, or a slightly finer-grit sandpaper and finishing with 120 grit ll! For smoothest results, abrade with a higher shine result and/or has moderate to severe scratches cuts through grease grime... Final layer of oil sealing finish after the stain, or Water-Based a! Floors, Bona, make sure to not compromise the quality when go... 3 high Traffic areas and Traffic HD comes with hardener and apply flows. To a new condition go over some of the how to apply bona traffic on stairs, but with a minor in from! Slightly water dampened Bona Microfiber Mop or cloth after abrading further issues you for. Make each oil application and rub on a light layer of a staircase. It in my house and on my stairs according to the floor can. Wood flooring or as recommended by the product Bona PowerScrubber completely revitalises resilient floors for... Leaves your home same procedure them as fast as possible as well really clear and natural finish fine! Effect for your stairs next step down and continue painting every other step and marking the steps.

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