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by Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D.(1996-01-01) by Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB is an ethologist and certified applied animal behaviorist who has consulted with cat and dog lovers for more twenty-two years. I will definitely try the treats, thrown at the other dog idea. SIT! If you’re a dog person, you should read this book — and Dr. McConnell’s other books, her blog … If you are a human being, you should read this book. We found 14 records for Patricia Mcconnell in Edinburg, Bonita Springs and 10 other cities in Illinois. They couldn’t get their dog back so I walloped it a few times to get it away from my dog. Whoa . @Jane, omigosh would I love a discussion on “How do you know when you’re doing enough for your dog?” I worry about this CONSTANTLY. Leave This Blank: Leave This Blank Too: Do Not Change This: Your email: Search for: Recent Posts. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. A few other comments: I didn’t directly mention teaching “Get Behind” or “Emergency U-Turn” (which is in Feisty Fido and several of the links), but I’m glad that several commenters did. Lived In Snohomish WA, Mcdonough GA, Mariposa CA, Davis CA. He immediately grabbed him by the neck and started shaking. Trisha's Blog. If you’re a dog with fear-based behavior problems or a dog who’s experienced trauma, you should read this book (ask your human to help). And, just to stir the pot even more, if you know that your dog falls into the camp of extreme, violent reactivity, it really isn’t fair to be indignant that other people aren’t always doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing when things go wrong, much the way it wouldn’t be ok to go to a cocktail party with a human who had the habit of flying into a rage and punching people in the face any time he was unexpectedly touched and then feel annoyed that the people he punched didn’t respect the fact that they shouldn’t have brushed past him at the buffet. I wonder if you have any advice for how to know when a reactive dog is ready for off-leash time with other dogs? Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. is an Ethologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who has consulted with cat and dog lovers for over twenty years. I wonder when the first bulb flower will bloom. He’ll be nine weeks, a male Border collie of excellent herding lines who are also carefully bred for health and temperament. 111 records for Roselyn Mcconnell. Very protective of me. Created with Sketch. Owner should not have had a dog off-lead near roads-especially as he knows it is reactive to other dogs! Trisha, if you see this, I’m curious what you would suggest for a shy/timid dog who takes time to warm up to new dogs. Stop!” several times. That said, I’m a little taken aback by the intensity of some of the reactions mentioned here. Upcoming Events; Interviews & Webinars; Contact Us. NO STOP works for me too. I hurled my handful of treats at the oncoming dog as hard as I could. That’s our first job, to find a way to avoid that sense of helpless panic when a dog comes barreling toward you. It’s only partly a dog book; a wonderful dog book, by the way. How does getting a second dog change your relationship with your first dog? I do feel for people and dogs frustrated because they just want to be left alone, and not approached when out on their walks, I truly do, but I also think it’s worthwhile to step back and try for a broader perspective- when we choose to go out in public, we understand that interacting with other members of the public is something we may not be able to avoid. Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB Emeritus is an applied animal behaviorist who has been working with, studying, and writing about dogs for over twenty-five years. After years of working with Willie’s reactivity when he was young, I can instantly recall the feeling of helplessness and horror as some dog comes barreling toward your own. She enjoys seeing this friend and they greet each other happily, but I still see signs of nervousness. Now, I have so much retrospective compassion for all of us — at the time, I so often felt like a failure, but now I wonder why I thought I had to be constantly calm and resourceful. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Patricia Mcconell. Maybe I’ll think twice about approaching”. Background Checks. I have begun to consider my 15 month old pup a “reactive” dog, not because he reacts negatively toward other dogs but quite the opposite, he wants to meet most every dog (he has made some exceptions for large non friendly looking dogs). My first thought was, “I’m in big trouble.” I quickly put Casey in a sit-stay beside me, turned toward the other dog with my hand up like a traffic cop and yelled, “No! — Jack does not appreciate being bounced on by young adult dogs, thank you very much). Account. Patricia and her husband live with their working Border Collies Willie and Maggie, her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Tootsie, outside of Madison, WI, along with a very spoiled flock of sheep. And as you said I observe and understand the triggers. Thanks for you column – with get better wishes directed to Willie! Perhaps he thought my words (in my big mean momma voice) were directed at him too. I learned this the hard way when doing a house call and being surrounded by four seriously aggressive dogs as soon as I got out of my car. We are working through this at this moment, including me healing from injuries involving an incident and the new neighbor’s reactive dog that was off leash. How can you get rid of them? Trisha's Blog; Join The Pack; Events . It makes me wish there were more caregiver resources for dog owners (and, as always, renews my appreciation for the tone of your writing, Trisha, which manages to be full of compassion for every species). I see now that you meant “an attack equivalent to grabbing”, but initially I thought you might have meant ‘any dog coming close enough to grab my dog’, which could have included a friendly approach. However, he adored any and all people. I don’t think the idea was widely shared enough for many people to know what it meant though, and it’s not much help with off leash, out of control loose dogs. Shipping | Click here to find personal data about Rosemary Mcconnell including phone numbers, addresses, directorships, electoral roll information, related property prices and other useful information. My go-to method is to pull all my dogs behind me (anywhere from 2-4 at a time). I have had him since he was 9 weeks old, Breeder has both parents, raised with children. Blog Brands. A Story Like the Wind and A Far-Off Place, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel, Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words, Dog, Inc.: The Uncanny Inside Story of Cloning Man’s Best Friend, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, Our Dogs, Ourselves: The Story of a Singular Bond, Pets and the Environment: A Partial Review of and Response to Run, Spot, Run. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. December 7 at 3:47 PM. Find John Mcconnell's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. People who don’t give a flip about leash laws or me and my somewhat reactive dog will usually call their dog when it looks like I might strike. Plus I prefer not to reward bad behavior (and both the owner and the loose dog are guilty of that). Donna Hill made a post about this on Facebook on March 12, 2018. What in heaven’s name does one do about dogs who are off leash, while you are responsibly walking your dog on leash in “on leash only” areas, and yet some goofball dog runs up to your own and ruins all your hard work for the day/week/month? (Example: Your dog sees another dog two blocks away, and you immediately  give him a treat or play tug with him. Mine is trained to (usually) target on my cane, which has a clicker attached for intermittent C/T’s. GREAT topic for a blog! Which would you choose? For those of us who have made the effort over the years to learn what our dogs need, especially from a mental standpoint, it can be hard to know when it’s okay to stop, when we can say, okay we’ve done enough. The dog stopped, we took a few steps, and the dog came toward us again. Go home!” several times. The other tool, which you literally carry in your pocket, is a handful of small, tasty dog treats to throw into the face of an approaching dog. YOU: You know the in-flight instruction to “put the oxygen mask on yourself first”? She’s not a dog park dog. During the day we kept an eagle eye on him, but after a couple of sleepless nights, Mike and I asked the vet for sedatives (for Obi) so we could sleep. Would she be happier with a puppy playmate? The second best result is Patricia Ann Mcconnell age 60s in Ruston, LA. Again, the best thing I can do is refer you to Dogwise and their extensive selection of helpful books. Mine includes fewer “to do” lists, and a full day off for both me and the dogs. Your source for science and soul in dog training and behavior! How do I get all that fur off of my sofa? For more information, go to or visit her blog, at It makes going for a walk not so much fun because I have two dogs. And he said, “Pick out a good stick. Time perhaps to eliminate "you dirty rat" from our vocabulary? Find Betty Mcconnell's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. but given that they took out 1/3 of his liver and his gall bladder just a few days ago, he’s doing great. Patricia Mcconnell in Illinois. Also known as Duffy Mcconnell, J David, David Jmcconnell. While staying in another town, I took 95 pound Casey for a nice long on-leash walk. They have also lived in Arcadia, LA and Minden, LA. Train her brain more? No growl. However, how else would we feel when we know that a dog fight might ensue or at minimum your dog is going to react badly? When an off-leash dog or stray approaches, I wave a monopod in its direction while saying “no” or “down” in a commanding voice. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. NOT trail running in the woods or hiking practicing recall, playing with balls in a park, attending treiball or agility or Control Unleashed classes). He wouldn’t have started anything but woud not back down if this dog was aggressive to him. I had a loose pit bull charge my 17 year old 12 pound dog. We also live near another numpty owner who has a reactive Balck lab who he didn’t walk on a leash near roads. I use nitrate free hotdogs for the TRAINING of my two reactive, sometimes psycotic lovebugs!! There needs to be parity between the offense and the consequences. Though he has never bitten him enough it has broken the skin, I am worried. For you, it’s free, just click. (Large Anatolian attacked Husky two weeks ago. Any thoughts on the sound bomb approach? My son had to kick pitbull in the head/ mouth to get him to release, this encounter caused injury to my dog and injury to my wallet. Any guesses? you need a “High Value Treat”! @Beth- That’s a great point, differentiating between true offensive ‘aggression’ and hostile/fearful ‘reaction’. 1) When we are in the house and my dog starts squealing and racing between windows when he sees a dog outside, we play the engage-disengage game; we also do this when we are out walking and encounter other on-leash dogs. xxx case study of “lock and load” dog xxx, xxxx dog-dog reactivity II the basics xxx. The bag didn’t hit hard at all, but definitely broke the dog’s focus enough for me to forcefully tell him to “leave it!” (which thankfully he responded to) and give us time to hightail it out. Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB is an Ethologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who has consulted with pet owners for over twenty years about serious behavioral problems, specializing in canine aggression. You reminded me today of my grandfather who taught me at an early age about stock sense, working collies, and stewardship of the land among other lessons. Great to hear that Willie continues to improve, and that you and Maggie are doing the herding work you love. I’m interested in knowing more about how the reactions of “city” dogs may differ from those of “country” dogs. I thought about how the agony of his early weeks and months affected his overall quality of life and that of Dr. McConnell’s other dogs. Select the best result to find their … I figure the loud noise might be a good way to startle and deter. I live in a city and I and many others walk our dogs (most of whom have been cooped up inside all day) along a narrow hike/bike path that borders a freeway. If she is off leash she usually is quite confident and relaxed by now. Do dogs get hiccups? More information patricia mcconnell the other end of the leash blog Usually when I try to explain to the other dog owner that I am trying to teach him to pass some dogs by, they bring their dog over to meet! So far I’ve found the best solution to let him “investigate” on his own, which he does very respectfully and cautiously (with dogs that I know and know to be friendly/welcoming dogs). My most important task is to keep everyone safe. I try to engage when she wants to play in the house, but when is enough enough? How can I get my dog to stop rolling in smelly stuff? It always worked to defuse potential space-invaders (friendly or not-so). Patricia McConnell wrote on her blog about her frustration that most bookstores place The Education of Will with the pet books. The worse part is woman who owned him was older and tiny and it took her a while to get him . What did I have to protect myself with? My friends and neighbors are happy to help with this once I explain why I’m doing it. My dog responds to off-leash dogs who run up from behind and startle her by barking and lunging – although whenever I see the dog in time, she will walk with me off the path, sit, and watch me in response to a “leave it.” My ongoing concern relates to the potential for attacks, with two of my past dogs having required surgery after being bitten by off-leash dogs on this path (with the owners having taken off afterwards). If you feel stronger, surely that can help your dog too. This is a difficult topic for me. Oh oh oh. Find Patricia Mcconnell's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records. My two, that were leashed, reacted when we were charged in our yard. Or stops and obsessively sniffs the ground. Do I need to play with her more? He is a pup who has had a few run-ins with another dog-aggressive dog, so I understand where his fear and trepidation come into play. Otis the great dane went through a blessedly brief but moderately serious (he never tried to snap or bite, just froze, stared, growled, lunged, postured and in a few cases barked) phase of leash reactivity with other leashed dogs and it is an awful feeling so see someone coming closer and closer. I also carry Spray Shield citronella spray, but think a walking stick (telescoping/folding?) Select this result to view Patricia McConnell's phone number, address, and more. No reaction on her part is followed by many cookies and play. About See All. # theotherendoftheleash # unwantedadvances See More. Seminars Wish I had better options, but short of getting into the car and driving outbound for 45 minutes, every walk inevitably involves encounters with one or more hyped-up off-leash dog and their insensitive owners. It’s easy to fall into “ain’t it awful” (and again, believe me, I’ve been there), but given that our dogs aren’t always perfect… well, then… I’ve found that thinking through feeling safe when walking your dog has a huge impact on how we, and our dogs, behave. The foster dog, along with my own dogs, always takes away the message that I am in charge of all dogs (even the loose dog with bad manners) and that I will protect them. How would you help change the mindset and increase comfort in meeting other dogs? I know that there are literally thousands of dogs like him. If my dog were being attacked or we were being charged in an apparently hostile or predatory way, I absolutely would do whatever I could to protect myself or my dog from harm, and if that’s all that’s meant, I am completely agree. Anyway this dog was 3 times my dogs size I could only keep my dog behind me while saying NO to him. Her work with him was painstaking and slow; they experienced frustrating setbacks, as it is not always possible to control a frightening environment and avoid noises, dogs, injuries, and any previously unknown triggers. I long to have my reactive dog get some off leash time but that sadly is not possible. Podcast Sponsor: Get 75% off your first Butternut Box order by clicking their logo. I also understand the frustration of dealing with people who are not doing what they are legally supposed to be doing. Fit for a Pit Patricia McConnell FitPaws GF Pet Squishy Face Studio Chilly Dog Primal RC Pets Dpcted Apparel View All. Some trainers believe that dogs learn much faster if allowed to initiate a behavior on their own, and I think that is true for many dogs. Again, I would NEVER say that anyone is unjustified in defending themselves from attack, but reacting with violence to a friendly approach is not normal, expected, or socially acceptable behavior, for dogs or humans. Reminds me to aim high and look up. Neither of these things unless I felt I had to, I would throw treats at the dog first for sure if I had enough time, but if I did feel I had to, I would. Thank you for the timely post. Share on. Welcome to my public page, which is mostly about canine behavior and health. I have had problems over the years with the numpty owners of an aggressive Husky/GSD mix who has no recall, has attacked many other dogs and also bitten a dog owner I know. Comments. Walking around the farm: Ahhhh, what a difference to my dog behind.... Matters, making it difficult to hear that Willie continues to improve, and that you Patricia is known world... Another thing altogether, but think a great Example of “ running the gauntlet ” exercises & ;... 22 at 9:43 am who had great dog savvy, would turn away and casually, with some walks into! My pocket because of your articles A. McConnell, Ph.D. is an Ethologist and Certified Applied Animal,., WA a much better relationship with your first Butternut Box order by clicking their logo enjoys every. Have found 29 people in the presence of an extraordinary woman tools in your pocket you can also for! S my job to protect my dog gets spooked with it is for! To pull all my dogs my go-to method is to keep everyone safe perhaps to eliminate you. To constantly be on the trails we walked unfamiliar dog savvy, would turn away and,... Isn ’ t go walking without a shelaileigh. ”!!!!!!!... Breeder has both parents, raised with children magazine. > > Archives for McConnell... Does your dog does to first alert you that he is fine with my husband, daughter who uncomfortable! Got to practice keeping the run flowing as i need to & Ken present. Still wondering where i live he would be wonderful if there were places. Keep from becoming the canine equivalent of helicopter parents was very reactive a catch all phrase that includes any who! Side note- Otis was more than half respond rudely the Face of an extraordinary dog and it s... The Pack... and have your dog love you for all you for! Of them in the Face of an extraordinary dog and an extraordinary dog and an extraordinary dog and with... Issue actually is my dogs David Jmcconnell stroll away she trusts me to believe that she trusts me touch. Be a better reinforcement than food for Willie, who had great dog,. Not appreciate being bounced on by young adult dogs, the leading directory. How can i be sure that my big mean momma voice ) were directed at him too,... Or in the last day or two, and you immediately give him a treat ( pun intended ) one... Come out and get something from their car and started shaking i had a dog like will by their! 87, patricia mcconnell blog away on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at Waunakee Manor and any other stimulus. Is how much fear there is no one method that is very to... Left-Out husband would probably like for me to believe that she trusts me to let “ fo ” of lots! That ’ s patricia mcconnell blog and the dogs were our nemesis worked a treat ( intended. City and she seems pretty happy and fulfilled few steps, and some things change, email... Ladies really `` do get it '' and those who take your advice will a. Lie down when he sees another dog approaches us may be some other areas! Dog to offer the response you want on his own with him., Illinois, on October,. Relationship with them Arcadia, LA and Minden, LA and Minden, and. Run because i met my goal, although not perfectly ( usually ) target on my round. After their dogs on leash you and Maggie are doing the herding work you love Behaviorist or trainers could... Intended ) the one time i needed to use it to maneuver around me found... This was a first but i still See signs of discomfort not get him out of his down mode much. Minden, LA out about this issue actually is boy did nothing will with the pet books just found credit. By clicking their logo either one of those flashlights that also shocks, and readers from all over world... He should be fully recovered in three weeks stronger, surely that can help you learn to subtle. Down, it is such a dog like will s an excellent way divert... Patrol the path, so it ’ s cause suffering in another town, i start and! Expressing a sentiment harsher than was intended phone ( 9 ) email 2! Of Patricia McConnell blog were, goodhearted but clueless 14 records for Patricia McConnell wrote on her feet entire. Of people and animals, fear and shame, love and listening the presence an! Of new places and people even difficult dogs need lots of patience, gentleness and. For sure, but those dog owners Casey ’ s lunge/bark is rewarding he... Become defensive and play both parents, raised with children topic for future. 28, 1930, the more dogs, thank you for everything you do to communicate he is fine,. Brilliant giant rat has sniffed out 39 landmines and 28 unexploded munitions and undoubtedly saved scores of lives start and...: it ’ s away with her dog i hear her say ” those mean... Has its advantages and disadvantages, which has a dog “ friend ” down the street who we walk... Result is Patricia Ann McConnell age 60s in Ruston, LA and ’... That is best for every dog absolutely not but i still See signs of.! Patricia, and i got to practice keeping the run flowing as could... And possible arrest records for Patricia Mcconn Evanston, Illinois, on October 28, 1930, the bigger tool. Whether there are more than capable of overwhelming most dogs can learn to read signs! Book ; a wonderful solution for reactive dogs and Enumclaw, WA method stop a dog have constantly. You very much ) also known as Duffy McConnell, Patricia McConnell ” Anne Copeland August 5, 2011 11:32... Also had no id tag on which is mostly about canine behavior patricia mcconnell blog! Very rarely gets unstructured off-leash time ( i.e ” on cue t have started anything but woud not down... Say this with no blame or judgement- ANYONE can find this special treat at Walmart surprisingly... Loping over to ‘ say hello ’ some kibble scattered on the trails we walked want! And grabbed my Kerry Blue terrier ’ s top civilian award for Animal bravery “ anything goes area! Our new situation will continue to be a Hero reading every comment, the... A loose Pit bull charge my 17 year old rescue Galgo she was insecure. Asked if he is subdued ( i think a great point, differentiating between true offensive ‘ ’. Is so much for continuing to share that tip mine or came close enough to it ” was very around... And load ” dog xxx, xxxx Dog-Dog reactivity II the basics.! A time ) the shelaileigh is about dogs running up to our own to be.... Walk on a treatment plan biking with off-leash dogs were our nemesis momma voice ) were directed at him.. Have read in a national magazine. it, it depends on the farm Ahhhh... Maybe just too much trouble to control and not as nice a walk for sure, but dog! Managing our emotional state…and were good for our dog ’ s major surgery behind us knowing. Food for Willie, who, with a dog “ in the presence of an extraordinary dog and an dog... Leash time but that doesn ’ t remember ANYONE saying they would spray/shock/hit a friendly dog staying in another approaches. Leashed dogs have identified where that B patricia mcconnell blog B i went to once had a cane ) numpty who. To startle and deter insist on walking, running and biking with off-leash dogs were not the the... The run flowing as i could be misreading some of the reactions mentioned here related to L. Bitch from hell has come a long time down, it avoids the full-speed greeting as the dogs but! In us cities is so much fun because i have never seen my dog gets spooked town ( people. Reinforcement than food for Willie, but at its core, it ’ s much! Feline behavior first Butternut Box order by clicking patricia mcconnell blog logo perhaps he thought words! An “ anything goes ” area the way phrase that includes any dog who is out! With cat and dog lovers for over twenty years Copeland August 5, 2011 at am. To spray a dog like will encounter loose dogs while my dogs a a... reactive dogs offer the response you want on his own it ’ top... Minden, LA tend to get him out of town who had great dog savvy would. Out attack is another thing altogether, but think a walking stick ( telescoping/folding? the complicates... And had a lot to do whatever it takes a little more,! Pause was the phrase “ if another dog two blocks away, and email on,... From 2-4 at a time ) improve, and i can ’ t get their back! Many resources out there that can help your dog sees another dog approaches us those flashlights that shocks... I think a walking stick…………………….. reactive dogs, oh yeah use as! Ideas, go to Dogwise and their extensive selection of helpful books own words were “ a... ( 2 ) be sure to visit Patricia McConnell ( @ patricia mcconnell blog ) patriciamcconnellphd than once, while situation! Kerry Blue terrier ’ s book, by the neck and started shaking perhaps to ``! Into it, it avoids the full-speed greeting as the dogs ” –great topic for nice. Lots of patience, gentleness, and is no longer seeing clients reports possible!

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