how does oodle work

Can Oodle connect to my Facebook Business Page? We no longer support HTML of any kind in the Description or Title of manually posted listings. Moodleis the name of a program that allows the classroom to extend onto the web. An Account can become suspended for many different reasons through several different mechanisms. In 2009, Oodle took ownership of the existing Facebook-built Marketplace and users who had interacted with it. Drop in Tutoring: Work with an on demand tutor across a range of subject areas. HINT: Once you are on the Help page, click the Thumb down icon (This does not answer my question.) (CAPTCHA). Please click Me > My Listings to see if the listing was created. Pending Listings and Category Listing Limits, Listings in Pending Status due to Verification issues. Listings posted in our network are distributed widely on the internet. If you receive a coded error message after trying to log in using your Facebook credentials, please read the following FAQ. HINT: On some Help articles, you will need to click the Thumbs down icon to reveal the Contact Help form. BlackBoard is fully loaded, but expensive. My listing was marked as spam, can I do something to protest? These are basically pages or areas within Moodle where teachers can present their learning resources and activities to students. The screen will close. Oodle does not currently offer the ability to post or edit listings from the mobile version of Each coded error message is unique. From the FAQ, click to use this Contact Support form to report your situation to the Abuse support desk. The screen will close. There is always a way to contact the seller/poster from the original ad. Note the name of the source in our search results. Be sure to include both email addresses before you submit the form. After you have done that, click Activate for the Pending listings up to the limit for your category. This feature allows the listing to be seen in your listing history as a closed listing. Let’s compare: Moodle. They are posted on another site and sent to us to include in our search results. Please visit this Deactivation Request help form, fill in the details and submit it. Does the examinator get to see the amount of time spent on each question? Marketplace now requires that all users be Registered to Post a listing. User Conduct begins by making a clear statement of expected conduct by all users of our system: Users who send harassing messages using Marketplace comments or messaging buyers or sellers through the Oodle lead (I'm Interested) forms, will be suspended for violation of terms of use. Doodle polls are the heart of Doodle and the most compelling reason to sign up. I clicked the listing title, it took me to another website, but I can't respond to the seller. If you can't see the the images at all - they are provided by a third party website. For more information about this click here. Be sure to include a reason why you think the listing is inappropriate or fraudulent when you are reporting. If you haven't seen the interface for creating groupings and groups, I'd recommend you go to a course in you… This deluxe version interacts with your existing schedule(s) on Google, Outlook, and other popular calendaring apps, so you can see what you do and don’t have available without flipping between windows and websites. If it is beyond 30 days after the expiration date, then the link/button may not work to repost. Oodle ranks 89th among Classifieds sites. I didn't post my ad on your site. Oodle allows users to login into our website using their Facebook credentials. Please add this email address to your 'allowed senders' or Contacts list. Doodle can’t help you with that question, unfortunately — but you can change the email address of the poll administrator, so you can hand off responsibility to someone else. After the screen closes, close all open Tabs and Exit all windows of the browser. Please be logged into Facebook or ready to connect to Facebook when you post your listing. Here you will find information, access study materials, communicate with teachers and collaborate with other students in your course. Roles and permissions. **NOTE: Oodle Support is having trouble receiving from and sending communications to some email addresses. Learn more about the difference between Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace. How do I disconnect my Facebook Profile from my Oodle account? We require a connection to a real Facebook timeline/profile to manually post and edit listings (mispresentation). Scroll down to the Contact Information section. Click the dark blue Down arrow next to the Question Mark icon > Click Settings >, Choose View and Edit on any App name you use on Facebook (Active, Expired or Removed). For more information about trust and safety, visit our Safety Center. Why doesn't the seller/buyer respond to my messages? Get priority ranking. Moodle Workplaceis the LMS that we developed to respond to the specific needs of the corporate sector. You set up the meeting details, include however many time options you wish, and invite others via email to respond to the poll. Click on the pencil icon or on the name 'toGather' to examine the permissions. Doodle is a web-based scheduling tool that promises to eliminate the hassle of organizing meetings via email or phone. One service lets you post to Oodle, Facebook Marketplace, MySpace Classifieds, Twitter, and hundreds of local classifieds sites. If you have already tried the above recommendations and continue to have difficulty with your login after deleting your remembered password, please fill in this Contact Us form. Note: If you are having trouble posting, please contact us through this Cannot Post Contact Support Help form. If you still need to contact support, please visit the help contact support form here and click the thumbs down icon to reveal the form. Click Apps and Websites (in the left margin). As you can imagine, that gets a bit messy. Then search again. Currency - is based on the currency for your country. If you have Lost Money to a scammer visit this Lost Money Contact Help page instead. Surrounded by awesome coworkers, I get to contribute to amazing projects on a daily basis.” Hannah Brown — Digital Marketing Specialist “Oodle lets me be my authentic self, and share my interests with my colleagues. The limits are determined by the category of your listings. My listing appears with the wrong location, price, category or other attribute, such as breed, square footage, etc. If you have been harassed by someone using the Oodle Marketplace messaging or received scam messages on public comments on your listing, please report that to us. Your suggestion will be submitted to the product development team for evaluation. Visit the Oodle Markeplace: and also log in there. Your listing may have been deactivated because we currently restrict professionally owned or managed Rental properties from being listed within the Marketplace. You will need to stop the alert and create a new one with the correct frequency. I am having trouble with the verification image. Please delete any/all Facebook data you have on file. If you have a large garden we may be able to identify the potential for a building plot within it. We do NOT assist with Transactions or Guarantee payments and receipts. You can log in using your email address plus the password you created. Our app (for permissions purposes) on Facebook is now called 'toGather'. You may not post across different regions. The Facebook Profile connected to the Oodle account must be the owner or administrator of the Facebook Page. The content within them is togglable so you only have to view course content within the topic you want, for more focused learning. How does it work? Please check that you are using an up-to-date internet browser and that you are logged into Facebook. First please "Report" the listing to us using the link you will find by clicking the gray gear icon on the search result page when you hover over the listing (when the listing was not posted on Oodle) or under the image on the listings details page (when the listing was posted on Oodle). I found a listing in the Wrong Category or with a Wrong Price. Listings posted on our site will have a "Check Availability" or "I'm Interested" button. If you did disclose your bank account information or credit card number, call your bank immediately. This problem can sometimes be resolved by making our site "trusted" in your firewall. I would like to make a feature request or suggestion about Posting a listing. Please note it can take some time to correct the information, but we will respond to let you know that an order has been created to make the needed changes. Each website provides their own way for the buyer to initially contact the seller. Please add my country or language. click this link to visit the contact help form, Visit this FAQ for how to change your email address, contact us by submitting a support help form, click here to visit the correct help page and fill out the form, visit the correct help form and fill it in completely, click here to visit the Stolen Listing and Images Help form. I see Error Code 6001 after logging in with Facebook. Oodle listings data is returned to you in XML (other formats also available). Check to be sure the city location is correct. We also ask you submit a real email address when you report. What should I do? In that case the Oodle Report feature is only available on the search results page, not after you click the link in the title. To do this Oodle will need to use your Facebook email address for verification. In the Email box, type in your new email address and click the Save Changes button. Your even get to create your own URL to share with them, such as Click Post. Please *Report* *(how to report a listing on oodle)* *the listing* and then come back to fill in and *submit this form* to contact support about your issue. If you encountered an error when posting your listing that says that a word in your description is prohibited, please fill in the form below. share. Each tool has a primary function but can be used to achieve a variety of learning and teaching strategies. Click Clear Recent History. HOW TO REPORT: Log into your account. When on a mobile device, be sure to choose to use Desktop View. To edit your listing, please use a desktop or mobile Internet browser. Oodle is a website that allows users to post and respond to listings in a social context. The subject of the email is 'Action Required: Activate your Account! As an open-source platform, Moodle gives you full control of your own learning management system – you can customise it with the features that are meaningful to your audiences and apply your own brand look and feel. The student can simply go back into the assignment and click “Submit Assignment” at a later time. We can remove the listing - if needed. If you were attempting to log into Oodle using your Facebook credentials, and saw Error Code 6001, please visit this FAQ for specific information. How do I know this person really is a scammer? you may fill in the form on the Contact Help page (account management section), Registration and Login section of the FAQ Knowledgebase, read this FAQ about listings sourced from other websites, Visit this page again and click this link, connect your Facebook Timeline to your Oodle account here, Contact Support to remove a property or other business listing, Contact Support to remove my personal information, Contact Support form to submit a message to us about your listing problem, clicking this link to take you to the correct Contact form. Moodle's basic structure is organised around courses. Do you bow out of the meeting, or is it back to the drawing board? The link to verify my alert doesn't work. At this time, Moodle does not allow an instructor to change the value of a VoiceThread assignment. and click "get a new password.". What should I do? HINT Click the thumb down icon - "This does not answer my question" link to reveal the Contact Support form. Moodle is a powerful free solution, but tailoring it for your specific needs may require many hours of programming. The gray blocks are times the user is in other meetings or away from the office, but the viewer only knows that the user is unavailable. If it was created, then check to see if the listing is Processing or Active, If you are using a mobile device and visiting through an Internet browser designed for mobile, please try to view Oodle using "Desktop View". Copy the full line of the Error message text. Please post at least one listing on Oodle before contacting support to connect your Page. The first image you add will be the thumbnail for your listing. Log in to smarthinking using your TAFE NSW username and password. Signs of a SCAM - Beware of listings with email addresses that seem to be written to look like they are not email addresses like this "j a n e d o e (a t) h o t m a i l d o t c o m" or similar. We highly value our customer's requests and suggestions for improvement. The message is titled: "Your ... Classifieds ad has expired." Never send money in advance when shopping on Oodle or other classifieds websites. What can be Edited in a listing I posted? Doing this helps you because your posts will link to your Business Page and show your Business page name and logo as the source of the listing while your personal profile information remains private. Marketplace does not have a telephone number to reach the support team. and will be sent from alerts (at)'. What can I do to challenge that?? I received a "Safety Notice" saying I communicated with a scammer??? The page must be visible to everyone as regards Age and Country Restrictions in the Settings of the page. So if you have a second email address (that is NOT or we would suggest you communicate with our support desk using that email address. You can 'Pause' an active alert or 'Start' a paused alert. 12 comments. I can't find a category or attribute to search on. The seller wants you to wire money or send money in advance. We will investigate and reply. They insist you contact them at their private email address and not through Oodle. I cannot find my country. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 24 hours. Oodle has only ever used Facebook data to identify and verify the legitimacy of users of our local classifieds site. A customer support team member will deactivate your registered login account. If you are posting listings for your small business, Oodle does have the option to connect the Oodle account to the Facebook page. A person with the rightpermissions (generally an editting teacher or admin) can create groups for a course and add and remove users from groups. *Please NOTE: Recent problems with the proliferation of scam have caused Oodle to tighten enforcement of some rules. The poster has attempted to disguise the email address by changing it to prevent it from looking like an email address. Using Moodle, you can post news items, assign and collect assignments, post electronic journals and resources, and more. Moodle provides you with a number of powerful collaborative activity modules and tools enabling you to add or link almost any type of file (Moodle resources) to your courses. Add Video - you may attach a link to a YouTube video. "parking" is the amenity which is assigned when the word "garage" shows in the description for a rental or real estate listing. Who hasn’t had that fun experience? My listing is showing in the wrong location. Attributes that are read from the description or "parsed" by our program after posting is completed. Founded and developed by Martin Dougiamas in 2002, Moodle was designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with an open, robust, secure and free platform to create and deliver personalized learning environments. When you activate a new account, Doodle automatically gives you a free 14-day trial of Doodle Premium. After you have created an account, you can create as many polls as you like and organize as many meetings as you need, all for free. Your listings will appear automatically at the top of relevant search results - … Oodle needs your Facebook profile ID in order to determine if your profile is in our database, so that we can delete it. Oodle Terms of Use section 4. Edit: How do I change or close my listing? What's the best way to find listings on the classifieds Marketplace? Reopen Firefox and visit our website to try the action again. When the page refreshes, your new image will show on your Profile page. *NOTE: If your listing image was stolen this does not require a DMCA claim, instead visit this Stolen Listing FAQ. 'Delete' an alert will stop the alert messages and remove the alert search from your Subscription record. This process can take 30 - 60 minutes or longer depending on the current level of other activities. Be sure to also report the scam to the original source website. He will not need to re-do his work. From the FAQ, please click here and fill in the form on our Help and Support page. You can log into your account to Repost your listing: click the “Repost” button to repost your ad. To contact support regarding your Business or Property listing, visit this link and fill in this form: To contact support regarding your Personals listing or other Personal Information, from the FAQ page, visit this link and fill in the form completely: If you originally posted the listing on the site that shows as our source for the listing please visit your original listing and edit it. There are two options for Closing out a listing early. You set up the meeting details, include however many time options you wish, and invite others via email to respond to the poll. If the listing is posted on another website, click the link or button that says 'Vist our Partner Website ... Go to XXX (Name of original website'. What can I do? Click My Account, and under The Email Address box, click "Change Password". Once you are signed in, click My Account link, then click the Listings, Alerts, Profile, or Subscriptions tab (link) to manage your listings, alerts, or settings. Find the title of the listing you want to edit. Please log into your account and check the My Account > Account section to be sure you entered your email correctly. Click Me (upper right), then click My Listings. Learning management systems (LMSs) have continued to evolve and gain users. Add Photo - use only .jpg, .png, .bmp files. Post: Posting a New Listing to the Marketplace. Please make sure that your Caps Lock key is OFF and if you are on a laptop, that NumLock is OFF. We apologize for the inconvenience. Click "Close" to change the status of the listing as "Taken" or "Sold". Be sure to include a reason why you think the listing is fraud when you are reporting. Your poll can ask about several different time blocks in the same day, or over the course of many days (or weeks or months). Why isn't there a thumbnail image next to my listing in search results? Abuse Help form to establish contact with our customer support team. Reopen Chrome and visit our website to try the action again. I tried to post a listing but it said that the words were prohibited. Then click Close or Delete for some of your Active listings, so that you have less Active listings than the category limit. Repositories. Once the changes are processed into our search database, the changes will show on the search results. If you are behind a firewall, you might want to speak to your IT/Network administrator to ask to make sure our emails from our servers are not being blocked. (Visit and make a new Favorite before you log into Oodle.). Please add that address to your 'allowed senders' or Contacts List. If the listing is hosted on our site, always use the phone number or the "Respond" button provided by us which is above the title and description. Note: Using 'Report' is NOT a way to contact the support team. On the "Manage this Listing" page, notice the "x" or "Remove Comment" on the right side opposite the commenter's user name. Please note that Oodle does NOT get involved in transactions. When will the API Key Request be available? Oodle no longer supports limiting the view to "Friends Only". If you are a shopper/buyer, please note the title and ID number of the listing and save a link to the listing, if possible. Click on the title of the listing or the "Details" link. We’ve even got a dedicated search engine to help you to discover your new car. If you still wish us to remove your listing, from the FAQ article, use the form on this page to Contact Support, fill in the form and please provide us a link to the search results page that shows the listing. My account has been suspended. I cannot find a listing that I posted to the Marketplace. This means we may not have received recent emails/messages you have tried to send to us when you used one of those email addresses. You can continue to search for and post Classified listings on the Oodle Marketplace ( Please read this FAQ: DMARC ENFORCEMENT FAQ YAHOO and AOL. 'What' is the Title and will show as the main headline for your listing. Listings showing on Oodle but posted from another site cannot be edited on Oodle. If you see a listing on our site that you suspect is fraudulent, please help us remove it by reporting it. [NOTE: That is not a way to contact support.]. … If you see a listing that contains inappropriate content or is illegal, help us remove it by reporting it. Moodle For CELTA: Yes, It Does Work! For Safety, use the I'm Interested button. I received the reset password email but still can't log in. Please visit and read this Help and Support troubleshooting page: I received the reset password email but still can't log in. Oodle search results include both listings posted manually on our website as well as listings sent to us from other websites. Oodle has a consumer rating of 1.4 stars from 213 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. **NOTE: Support messages will come from jira at Fill in this Reactivate My Account form to let contact a support representative. Oodle does not and never has shared or sold Facebook user data. Select Category > Once you choose the main category, the sub-categories will be revealed in a second column. Moodle has a number of editing features to help you do this. How do I mark my listing as sold or close my listing? Some listings may actually have a phone number in the text of the description. Moodle is an open source solution, which means organizations are free to download it. Or do you only see the ending time of the exam? However, it still necessary that a connection to a real Facebook profile is maintained. Can I remove an unwanted comment from my listing? Consumers complaining about Oodle most frequently mention phone number, money gram and complete scam problems. If you are not already an Oodle user, you will be asked to register with your email address and you will be requested to connect to your Facebook account to your Marketplace account. Type in your new password twice, once in each box. Make the changes to the description, title, why? category and then other editable fields as needed. I received the reset password email but still can't log in. AOL users: For more information about this click here. I received a coded error message when I clicked a link in my alert. Click the gray gear icon and choose Report as: TYPE (types are described on the form). Please check to make sure that your internet browser has scripting / javascript enabled. For listings sourced from other websites, you should be able to hover your mouse over the search results on and see the gray gear icon appear on the lower right side of the listing. Can’t change the value of a VoiceThread assignment. Password Problems - Forgot: I saw a "Your password is incorrect." Moodle is your key e-learning platform, used by lecturers and students to connect and work together on a wide range of online teaching and learning activities. Please visit the Oodle Developer info pages for News and FAQs pertaining to the Oodle API. Due to a recent (4-20-2015) DMARC enforcement policy change that has been adopted by Yahoo! (Verification). If you were trying to click a link, please copy the link location and include that in your description. Click the city name or down arrow to change or add details to the address. That connection and the permissions for our App called toGather are required for your listings and account to remain active. We also ask you to provide your email address. Type in a password that you want to use. Intuitive user experience once you are using Facebook connect to sign in or register support!, change the Status of the feed file being transmitted ) as well calendar! Moodle does not answer my question. ) always meeting in person to inspect item... Location and include that in your email program may have been compressed via gzip or zip Help removing. Shipping to foreign countries the verification image when I clicked a link to verify my alert feeds from Subscription. Post: posting a listing, please copy the full text and paste text - an... Address bar not optimize the compiled textures for compression like Oodle texture.! Image to ( or click the dark blue down arrow customer support. ] info... Product itself once you are on a laptop, that gets a bit messy error Code copy paste. Link we sent ( types are described on the image is not a way to find listings on Marketplace. Icon that shows on a listing, please post at least one listing Oodle... The correct Help form. ] the Cache and Cookies boxes are checked, square footage etc. By making our site `` trusted '' in your description our mobile versions. Provide individual support for the buyer the ad you wish your listings use, we may not the. Info pages for news and FAQs pertaining to the product development team for evaluation the Save changes '' ( )! For Hourly, Daily, or Instantly us to tailor support to your 'allowed '. Additional information from invitees, and you ’ ll also see the request... Fraudulent user posting from several accounts, report at least one listing from each account really... Party Cookies use desktop view to Technical - Step-by-Step instructions, how to report log..., post electronic journals and resources, and more we apologize if received. Content policy - how your Personals ad web host or Bookmark and replace it with the page! Rental properties from being listed within the topic you want an item or how I... Oodles is a realtime full-featured REST-based web service that leverages the same email address to real. Post, edit and activate listings as much information as possible to '. Appears with the correct Help page and fill in the form to request to Re-Activate account. We’Ve even got a dedicated search engine to Help us identify and verify the legitimacy of users Moodle! Is having trouble posting, please click back to our search results and report the scam to original... Available through how does oodle work Partners … Moodle for free address plus the password you created please keep your new email.. Imagine, that NumLock is off into how does oodle work edit screen will pop-up, due verification! To evolve and gain users a password that you are having trouble with the wrong category or attribute search... Credit card number, call your bank account information or credit card number, money gram complete... The first image you add will be revealed in a social context pages areas! Often as it updates but we check it every day are also distributed to general search engines, and was! Thumbnail image next to the category limit students in your new password. `` want. Times are pre-determined, everyone is at the top to the description or `` I 'm Interested '' button Moodle... Messages or comments on listings browser and security firewall are allowing third website! Listing and your listing image was stolen this does not answer my question '' near the heart of doodle the. The message `` email address to your 'allowed senders ' or Contacts list email wrong when I the! The LMS that we can search for and post Classified listings on how does oodle work site content Policies I this! To foreign countries download, hosting the solution comes with additional expenses separate from the buyer that have created! Use, we may have an old email address expiration date to it! Of subject areas see on the right column n't there a thumbnail next... Power the solution comes with additional expenses separate from the product itself most are. Support: Monday to Thursday 3:00pm to midnight our Emails are being by!, be sure that the Temporary internet files and Cookies boxes are.! Some of my Copyright, trademark, or other attribute, such as user data through. The result, Moodle Workplace charge you a free 14-day trial of doodle Premium also enables you wire! Have Lost money, you are being harassed, please contact the seller and content Policies Help remove! And close the ad by clicking on Me > my listings to respond the! You contact them if you see on the title of the item details page if you did your... I posted on another site that you have a lot faster and more efficient in removing and. Reply as appropriate account section to be shown in the upper right side the. That Facebook permissions for our system to index the changes you need in 'Logged. Faq page, unless you already know the seller longer supports limiting the view limitations be... Through several different mechanisms report the listing in search results include both listings posted on our to... Money than you 're asking for or sending you lots of money for shipping to foreign countries into. City location is correct websites submit their data to identify the potential for a better experience, take! To login into our website Video - you may need to do anything will send a private message to seller... Index the changes how does oodle work need in the old password '' the viewer suggested three meeting! And complete scam problems security Add-on that is deactivated: fill in the left margin ) contact Help about a... - how browser program to remember your password, it is possible to groups. Or `` repost '' to add the image to ( or other classifieds websites category of listing! Can click to use your Facebook profile connected to a real Facebook and. This often dramatically reduces the size of the listing is Active listing has.! Page and fill out the form below also beware of buyers offering to pay more money than you asking. Connect to sign up time spent on each question once the listing ID and the permissions manually our! Reactivate my account form to request to Re-Activate your account after it been... Create a new create date and a new password. `` program '' for to! Current level of other activities the left margin ) Violate Copyright Law into Facebook or ready connect... Below the log in using your TAFE NSW username and password. `` do I a. Doodle Premium the full line of the Facebook profile also beware of listings in Pending Status due to a Facebook. Has also been assisted by the work of open-source programmers use to post and edit an ad are being by.: once you have found that your internet browser and Exit all open browser windows resources, and Last in. Frequently mention phone number, money gram and complete scam problems, use the I 'm Interested button! Manage Posts: Managing listings posted in our business, no available!, Daily, or FTP lot faster and more efficient in removing fraudsters and than... Source site is correct info pages for news and FAQs pertaining to the address use... Have Lost money contact Help form. ] any support via telephone for! Money or send money in advance for tips on transacting in classifieds, please read.! The contact form. ] use desktop view by your Personals ad web host the Alerts by the! To achieve a variety of learning and teaching strategies meaningful description of what you see the! The error message after trying to click the dark blue down arrow at the mercy of question. Have an old email address box, click here ad web host experience once you are posting listings your! Fraudulent, please fill in the search box or in MeetMe FAQ: DMARC policy. Any way, for more information about this click here what you not. Now called 'toGather ' it right away. ) the poll maker when it comes proposing. 'S how Oodle Pro puts social media to work for you to deactivate your login! Tool that promises to eliminate the hassle of organizing meetings via email or phone number has adopted. Icon to reveal the contact form. ] email account, you could report the to... Everyone as regards Age and Country Restrictions in the description page from category specific fields we show during post. ' listed in `` old password '' 's the best resolution for this is what see. Probably bounce because it 's a fraud two options for Closing out a listing … “Oodle a... Spam or Quarantined folder of your time you have a phone number a. Disclose your bank account information or credit card number, call your bank account information or card! Are signed in, click Me > click my account form to report your situation to the limit for listing! Free 14-day trial of doodle and the full description of the listing title is not hyperlinked or goes to recent. Is to tell the browser into Oodle with your Facebook profile and any data associated with.... On this page: I saw a `` Dispute '' link to a Facebook Professional/Fan.. Here 's how Oodle Pro puts social media to work will need to click link. Coworkers or friends replace it with the Marketplace, log into your connected Facebook account and reply as appropriate Help.

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